BBTA Rides and Tours are graded by the ride leader according to our grading system of classification of the pace and the terrain. The pace and terrain codes are as follows:


  • L = Leisurely pace (speedo average up to 15kph)
  • S = Steady pace (speedo average 15-17kph)
  • M = Moderate pace (speedo average 18-20kph)
  • B = Brisk pace (speedo average 21-23kph)
  • MF = Moderately Fast (speedo average 24-26kph)
  • Q = Quick (speedo average 27-29kph)
  • F = Fast pace (speedo average 30kph plus)



  • 1 = basically flat (uphill stretches are few and far between)
  • 2 = some hills (more than 2/3 of the ride is on flat terrain; steep climbs are short, and few and far between)
  • 3 = moderate hills (up to 1/3 of the ride is uphill; may include long or steep climbs, but not long and steep)
  • 4 = serious hills (mostly hills AND/OR includes one or two climbs comparable to, but not more difficult than – Mt Coot-tha)
  • 5 = challenging (contact ride leader for details)