Introductory Rides

BBTA introductory rides are the ideal way to get started. These are generally held weekly within close proximity to the CBD. All you need is a maintained bicycle, command of your bicycle, adequate equipment (in case of a puncture), reasonable fitness, enthusiasm, and to know and abide by the QLD Road Rules (as they apply to cyclists). Our experienced riders are always keen to assist in the education of less experienced cyclists. Everyone is welcome, and these rides are conducted so no-one can be left behind along the way. . .a perfect way to get back into cycling! Check out the Saturday arvo ride at 3pm for our regular ride for new or returning riders.

Day Rides

BBTA day rides range from: easy leisurely suburban cafe and restaurant rides along bikeways and suburban streets; road rides throughout the city, suburbs, and countryside; all terrain mountain biking and rail trail rides in the bush. Ranging in distance from 10km to 200km, BBTA day rides are held during the daytime or evening, on weekdays as well as on weekends, throughout the entire year in and around the Brisbane region.

Weekend Trips and Tours – discover our beautiful Australia!

Experience the adventure of cycle touring – load up your gear and discover our region’s countryside. BBTA cycle tours are regular weekend trips that take the adventurous cyclist touring through South East Queensland, the Darling Downs and Northern New South Wales. Generally there will be a small fee for participating in a weekend or longer tour – to cover administrative costs. This is payable directly to the Ride Leader.

Need more information?

Check out the upcoming rides and tours on the Ride Calendar. For more information refer to the ride calendar, contact the Rides Coordinator, or the Ride Leader assigned to the ride for the particular day (details in the calendar).