I’m a new member – how do I get started?

You look at the current ride calendar and work out which day ride you would like to go on. Each one will show full details of the ride including distance, start location, difficulty, coffee stops and any special requirements. Make sure you note whether you need to contact the Ride Leader prior to the ride or not.   Then turn up at the required time with your ‘roadworthy’ bike and get ready to meet your fellow riders and Ride Leader.

What if I’m not sure if I want to join yet?

The Club offers up to three free ‘try before you buy’ rides to see if the Club meets your needs. These are limited to day rides only, not weekend tours. Once you have tried the Club rides we would expect you to become a member to continue riding with us.

What are the benefits of joining?

Joining the BBTA gives you all kinds of benefits, a healthy activity, friendly people to ride and socialise with, expertise from other long-time club members and the safety of riding in a group. All of these plus many other individual benefits can be had by joining the BBTA. There is a small cost to join but we’ve tried to keep it as low as possible for everyone. The club’s biggest expense is our public liability insurance, which covers members for any damage to third parties or property caused while on a club ride.

Other benefits include:

  • Access to the assets of the club, e.g. BOB trailer, camping tents and stoves, other general camping equipment, racks and panniers
  • Ability to borrow books and DVDs from the club’s library
  • Social activities, such as the Christmas party and social nights held by the club
  • Access to the weekend and longer tours that the club runs

What does it cost to join?

Individual memberships are $20 per annum.

What is expected of me as a member?

  • We expect all members and Ride Leaders to obey by the Queensland Road Rules for cyclists.
  • You are expected to be able to ride your bike with a basic level of proficiency so that you are not a risk to others.
  • Be courteous of other riders, motorists and pedestrians – as you are representing our Club.
  • All riders are required to sign on to our Indemnity and Ride Register Form prior to commencing each ride with the Club. Your information is covered by the Privacy Act and is only collected in case of an emergency or accident. It also helps us track how many members are attending our rides.

What do I need to bring to rides?

Water, sunscreen, pump, puncture repair items, and ID.

A helmet must be worn on all rides.

Lights if you are riding at night or in low light conditions.

Who are the Ride Leaders?

Our rides are led by volunteer members who create, plan, and conduct each outing. Ride Leaders are experienced Club riders who follow Club guidelines in respect of how their outings are conducted. Once a member becomes a proficient rider, we heartily welcome you to volunteer in this role. Check out our ride leader pages and then Contact the Rides Coordinator if you would like to lead your own ride.

How do I become a Ride Leader?

Once members become proficient riders, we heartily welcome you to volunteer in this role, as it is a great way to get to know more people in the Club, and develop your group management skills in a rewarding community role. As a Ride/Tour Leader you get to create your own outings (or in partnership with another leader), or you can adopt a well known Club ride, or participate as an occasional or regular leader on the weekly club rides.

Starting off with the short regular introductory level rides (e.g. the Saturday or Sunday Arvo rides) is a perfect way to be introduced to being at the helm of a ride. Take a look at the ride leader page for more information and then contact the Rides Coordinator if you would like to lead your own ride.

How difficult are the rides?

BBTA rides and tours are graded by the Ride Leader accordingly to our grading system of classification of the pace and the terrain. The pace and terrain code is as follows:

Pace grading

  • L = Leisurely pace (speedo average up to 15kph)
  • S = Steady pace (speedo average 15-17kph)
  • M = Moderate pace (speedo average 18-20kph)
  • B = Brisk pace (speedo average 21-23kph)
  • MF = Moderately fast (speedo average 24-26kph)
  • Q = Quick (speedo average 27-29kph)
  • F = Fast pace (speedo average 30kph plus)

Hill grading:

  • 1 = basically flat (uphill stretches are few and far between)
  • 2 = some hills (more than 2/3 of the ride is on flat terrain; steep climbs are short, and few and far between)
  • 3 = moderate hills (up to 1/3 of the ride is uphill; may include long or steep climbs, but not long and steep)
  • 4 = serious hills (mostly hills AND/OR includes one or two climbs comparable to, but not more difficult than – Mt Coot-tha)
  • 5 = challenging (contact ride leader for details)