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Whats on in April

Paul Glennon | Published on 4/2/2024

Isn’t it amazing How our minds work,…lying in bed thinking I haven’t seen this months ‘Whats ON in April’ yet,…wondering when its coming out or if it is,…perhaps yesterdays fools got the better of the author,

Pretty straight forward calendar with all your regular rides but one,…and that one has captured 34 riders to the Tin town adventure in Stanthorpe. So popular it is that many have taken to just ride all the way there and back,…to secure their spot !!

Its on next week Thursday and Friday. Spots are available as there will be several ride groups for each of the two days.

What this tells me is that, we love our riding (sure) but we also hunger for variety. That said, I really am keen to see more club members jumping into putting on their fav ride,…or simply planning a ride that that takes in some activity or place thats particularly interesting. And if planning is not your ‘thing’,….drop me a note and I’ll work through it with you.

There are plenty of rides that I’ve done that were so interesting and I’m sure each of you will have similar experiences. In fact, my son keeps reminding me of our Club Uncle Bob’s rides that were so popular before Covid.

However, Rod and Celia up at Uncle Bob’s Cottages out of Nanango, have downsized and are focused on retirement and caravanning more these days. So to get a similar ride together that my son and I can do, I’ve suggested the full 160 km of the BVRT (Brisbane Valley Rail Trail) over 3 days,… trail to Wulkuraka, bus to Yarraman and ride virtually downhill for 3 days. It’ll be on the calendar June sometime for others to jump in,…

Next month have 3 unique rides as in 3 days on the KKRT (Kingaroy Kilkivan Trail Trail) the 2 day Annual Woodford Maleny getaway and then Peter Brennan’s Noosa Supported weekend ride. Peter’s 2 day loop rides out of Noosaville have Registrations currently open via

The Regular rides of John Stevens 2 points from Gumdale each Sunday morn at 6.30 am, Tuesday Alt. Oasis and the Thursday rides of Coffee at the Beach and Redcliffe Run the later now at the new start time of 7 am,…are on the calendar.

I see Daryl Beatie’s Coffee at the beach ride is not on the calendar ATM but the ride is ON and I’ll get that oversight sorted shortly.

Well that’s about the State of Play ATM,..


Go Well,..Be Safe,...Have FUN,

The BBTA Team