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2023 Bushrangers and Tigers

Lawrence Ferrari The Bearded Cyclist | Published on 11/21/2023

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Bushrangers and Tigers 25/10/2023 to 10/11/2023


The ride on some of the rail trails in Victoria was called Bushrangers and Tigers as we were going to places connected with the Ned Kelly story and there was a Tiger somewhere on the trip.....


After a few days of riding, I was wondering if the tour was cursed and none of us were going to make it to the end. Originally there were 12 riders who were going to start at Wodonga for the 17 days of the tour.


Peter and Suzanne contacted Covid and so couldn't make it - so down to 10.


Rebecca's knee started to play up on day 1 and so this meant she and Peter couldn't continue as planned - as they were on a tandem - so down to 8.


Paul had a fall from his bike on day 2 and fractured his collar bone and thumb and had to withdraw from the tour - down to 7.


Robert broke his bike frame on day 3 and at that stage we all thought his tour was over - down to 6.


At the end of Day 3 things were looking bleak, even though the scenery was great and the riding fantastic.


Let’s go back to the beginning.


The team either drove or flew to Wodonga. We were joined by Sandie, who had moved to Victoria some years ago to be closer to family.


No trip to Albury/Wodonga is complete without a visit to Holbrook to see the submarine they have in the park; yep a submarine. A must stop sight to see if you are going that way.


The first two days were basically a lap around the Hume Dam along a rail trail and then back roads, then out to Rutherglen (wine country) and camping on the banks of the Murray. All delightful and the rail trails are bitumen.


We had some luck, as Peter and Rebecca were no longer riding, they had picked up their car at Wodonga and were going to ride some days and drive others. When Robert discovered his broken frame, we were able to put his bike in the van and get him and his gear to the next town, Barooga, with the hope of getting him to Shepperton in a few days’ time and then get his bike welded back up so he could continue on the tour. 


Luckily for him the manager of the caravan park we were camping at Barooga had welding skills and was happy to fix his bike on our rest day there. At last, some good news. With his bike fixed Robert was back on the road and we had no problems for the rest of the tour.


Overall, the Victorian rail trails were beautiful, with bitumen or hard packed gravel surfaces and just a delight. We had clear days, and the only rain was on the third last day and overnight so not an inconvenience. Temperatures were cold with some nights down to 4 degrees C and most days were only just into the 20's.


We discovered some of the towns in the Ned Kelly story - Euroa, Glenrowan, Beechworth and others) and saw the Tasmanian Tiger in the Beechworth museum - which they have had since 1870.


There were 2 flat tyres, one hospitalisation and no arrests!

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Lawrence Ferrari The Bearded Cyclist

Tasmanian Tiger