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Whats ON in October

Paul Glennon | Published on 10/5/2023

Hi Everyone,


Whats ON in November




Just what we need,..a holiday to kick the month off,..and a bonza one at that.

Our Club Get Together sits on Referendum Voting day Saturday 14th.
Lets meet at Mary Mae’s Cafe right in front of the Powerhouse at New Farm, smack on the river, from 8 am onwards,..

The regular rides are up on the calendar. These cover John Stevens ‘2 Points from Gumdale’ each Sunday morn at 7am, Iain Moore’s Saturday Arvo Ride each Saturday at 3pm, Alan Stevens Tuesday ‘Alt.Oasis’ 6.30 am, and the Thursday ‘Redcliffe Run’ also at the new start time of 6.30 am and finally Daryl Beattie’s Thursday ‘Coffee at the Beach’ at 7.30 am. Bruce Edge's Samford Pony Trails is on Saturday 21st. Please see the Calendar for the start time as the hotter months may see the ride commence at an earlier time.

These rides are always enjoyable, however, we are keen to add more interesting and varied rides.

We would like to Thank Bruce Edge for putting on the Wednesday Sandgate Cruise rides for the past few months. Unfortunately, with not sufficient numbers wanting to do this ride, Bruce has had to cancel this ride.

Its often difficult to know who may be interested and available to ride any set ride on the calendar. However, I am keen to see many and varied rides appear on the calendar, even if its only for a period. That said, I suggest we open conversations at our next Club Get Together on rides at we enjoy doing ourselves.

The Annual Warwick Supported Tour is on again next month on 18th and 19th November. Registrations are open till 4th November. If you are interested please email Peter Brennan at These weekends away are fully supported, meaning your bags carried by others. They are loads of fun and always well attended. Please register early to book your spot.

I mentioned last month, that Lawrence Ferrari’s Victorian Bushrangers and Tigers 17 day tour is currently full and set to run from 25th October.

Next year we are wanting to get a new Club Jersey that we can identify with and wear on Club rides as we choose. Our original Club jerseys will likewise we worn with pride, as the couple of versions, take us back to quite different times within the Club.

So,..I am looking for two or three members to join me on the New Jersey Sub Committee to work a design, with colours etc (with the assistance of Supplier’s) over the first few months next year. The objective would be to have a new jersey close, by the middle of the year. No particular skills are required here, just a desire to see this project to fruition. Please reply to me, by return email here. Thank you.

Well that's it for now,..


Go Well,..Be Safe,.. Have Fun,..

The BBTA Team