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2023 Sneaking Over the Border

Lawrence Ferrari | Published on 8/4/2023

2023 Sneaking Over the Border


A small but select group of 6 riders set out for the Ballina to Casino and return on an unsupported ride.


Four of the riders rode to the start at Ballina with the remaining two driving down.


A flat and scenic first day awaited the group as we set out from Ballina via a combination of paths, back roads and a ferry (always fun).

Smoko at Wardell and lunch at Coraki saw us into Casino in time for the Lions kick off.


As convivial evening was had at the Casino RSM despite the Lions losing.

Sunday morning was foggy but a few hills awaited us before we arrived at Lismore for Smoko.


After this the some of the group appear to have stopped reading their Garmins and decided to make their own way back to Ballina - in the fog of competitive spirit.


However, all made it back to Ballina safe and sound.


There were no flat tires, arrests or hospitalisations. 


My thanks to Robert for his assistance in checking the routes in the month before the ride proper.

Photo album 2023 Sneaking Over the Border here


LF Lennox HeadLF BallinaLF South Gundarimba