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2023 Moreton Island

Bruce Edge | Published on 7/18/2023
MI map of Morton Island ride

Moreton Island Ride 2023


Circumnavigation of top end of Moreton Island by BBTA members, Mike, Craig and Bruce plus noted mtb navigation guru, Neil Ennis and Jason.


We were scheduled to be off the ferry at Tangalooma, Moreton Island at 9.30 am and needed to be back at 2.30 pm for trip home. Being late was not an option. 


The tides were aligned perfectly so we started on a tide that was half down and going lower. We rode on lovely hard sand for easy peddling. We had soft sand going over north point so when we crossed the island, we had to walk about half these sections.  


There was minimal wind and with the hard sand we could occasionally ride faster than16 kph – but only on the downhills.


3 riders had fat bikes and 2 had mountain bikes with 2.8 inch and 2.2-inch tyres. The skinnier tyres were tough to ride in the soft sand but great on the hard stuff.  


The photo below shows the historic Moreton Bay lighthouse.  It was built in 1857 and was the first in Qld.


Trip excellence rating. 10/10

Other photos from the trip here 2023 Moreton Island

MI Historic Moreton Bay Lighthouse