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2023 Samford Pony Trails

Bruce Edge | Published on 7/13/2023



Ride Report - Samford Pony Trails


Samford pony trails ride had 11 riders, mostly youngish (at heart).


Bikes ranged from a hardcore stumppulling gravel bike, flat bar gravel bike, a steel surly touring bike  retrofitted with big knobby tyres and buckets of gears, 6 mountain bikes, a mtb set up as a tourer/gravel bike,  and other sometimes disreputable objects,  but they all had big tyres and low gears, demonstrating just ride what you brung, and shows there is no peer group pressure or egos in gravel. 


There was no damage to bicycles or pride, but there were couple of minor bingles. 

Trail surface ranged from grass, sand, soil, gravel, rocks, firetrail, singletrack, tarseal, steep banks, rolling hills, creek crossings, gullies, etc. The group spread out on the trail with a regroup now and again with a headcount  to make sure no one had suffered a mental, physical, mechanical, or navigational  breakdown. 


Post ride feedback was very positive and riders were keen to do it again in a few weeks.  See the calendar and be sure you join us.

2023 Samford Pony Trails. click for more photos

Bruce gesturing to slow down
Bruce gesturing to slow down
Michael Gary and Trevor
Michael, Gary and Trevor
Scott on the trail
Scott on the trail