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What's ON in July

Paul Glennon | Published on 6/30/2023

Bonjour de Bordeau,


Where seafood and le vin (wine) are up there with oxygen,..

I see that the Club has warmly welcomed in the new phone App as ride registrations are rising, perhaps to 50 percent.We are encouragedby this. However, please encourage and support your ride buddies to get the App and Register for every ride, as this will complete the circle and support our Ride Leaders and the Executive in supportingYOU.


You can download our phone app from the iPhone app store or Google Play store using the following links. If you have any concerns about the security of these links, please retype them or copy them into a new browser window. Alternatively search for "Brisbane Bicycle Touring" in your app store.

iPhone App Store :

Google Play Store :


I see there are many new and exciting rides appearing on the calendar. If you haven’t done so, please get the App downloaded, it’s free,..and get scrolling as there is a lot of interest, with such an easy system to see,.. What’s ON,...


Upcoming Rides


So, I want to note a couple on new rides. The first is the ‘Wednesday Sandgate Cruise’, a gentle 50 km spin where chatting and riding is the go,..and there is no busting ourselves to get there, and when you get home you will feel great. This could become the new normal as “Joy trumps Speed”. Bruce Edge is as keen a mustard to get something happening in this space,..Please support Bruce and register to ride. It’s on Every Wednesday but the route may differ each ride. The next one can be found at


The next one I see, is the ‘Samford Pony Trails’ down for Saturday week the 8th July This is a afternoon mountain bike ride on easy trails, gentle pace, absolutelygreat for members who are not overlyconfident but keen to experience the beauty of Samford trails. I promise you, will love the experience,..I did.


The next one I’d love to do except I’m a wee bit caught up in the wineries of Bordeaux,..but don’t worry about me, won’t if you register for Ian Chant's the BVRT supported three day ride the full length of the trail,,..only 3 spots left, be quick.Thank you Ian, as this is a Premier ride.


The next one Id love to do as well,....Lawrence Ferrari leads the ‘Sneaking over the Border’ unsupportedride Ballina to Casino and return a different route. This is fabulous country to ride in. Still a month out, so there’s time to decide,..3 in already,..Please consider.


The four regular rides that have been running for months are there to see as well.


John Stevens Sunday morn ‘2 Points Gumdale’ ride,...Alan Stevens Tuesday morn ‘Alt. Oasis’ ride to Sandgate,...Daryl Beatties Thursdaymorning ‘Coffee at the Beach’ ride,...and Alan Stevens Thursday morn ‘Redcliffe Run’,...are all noted and ready to Register for,...


Well,..that is a line up of new and regular rides to choose from, many choices,...I’ve got just One,...hmm,.


What wine do I feel like tonight,...?


Au Revoir,..


de Bordeau by the sea (almost)



Go Well,..Be Safe,...Have FUN,

The BBTA Team