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Guidance for contributing photos and ride information

PETER G SKINNER | Published on 5/21/2023

Guidance for contributing photos and ride information




1)    Send photos, etc to the BBTA ride reporter – Peter Skinner.  Email address is

2)    Original size photos preferred – ie taken direct from phone or camera.  Compressed images are not required.  Images from Strava, Facebook, etc are too compressed.

3)    Ideally, photos are to be renamed into something meaningful.  Examples are:

a)     Phil fixing flat tyre

b)    Bob & Greg admiring Mt Warning

c)     Group commencing Noosa Ride

4)    Photos submitted will feature on the website and App under Photo Albums


Ride Information


1)    A short synopsis of each ride will feature under News/Articles on the website and App

2)    Input would be appreciated from you – anything from a few words to a novel.

3)    Send to Peter Skinner – ideally within 2 weeks of completion of ride.



Photos and Ride Reports can be both official BBTA tours and individual tours