Our friendly committee members can be contacted at the following addresses.

PLEASE REMEMBER…..everyone is a volunteer, and busy with work, family, and their own riding commitments.

Vice Presidentvacantvice_president@bbta.org

Position Current holder Email address
President Paul Glennon president@bbta.org
Treasurer Lesley Anderson treasurer@bbta.org
Secretary Craig Jones secretary@bbta.org
Rides Coordinator Iain Moore rides@bbta.org
Website Coordinator Peter Damm website@bbta.org
Membership Lesley Anderson membership@bbta.org
Committee Person Glenn Rashleigh committee@bbta.org
Social Convenor vacant social@bbta.org
Equipment Officer Paul Glennon equipment@bbta.org
Publicity vacant publicity@bbta.org


We can also be contacted by mail at:

Brisbane Bicycle Touring Association (BBTA) Inc.
P.O. Box 316
The Grange Qld 4051