A major part of our Annual General Meeting process is the election of Office Bearers for the next 12 months. Now is your opportunity to be nominated for a position on the committee. A list of nominations we have received is available to view at the Newsletters page- https://bbta.org/download/bbta-committee-nominations-received-as-at-25022015/

– and you may notice we have not received nominations for 3 positions- Clothing Officer, Social Convener and Librarian.


This is your chance to become involved in the  management and operation of your club, and you can contribute to the running & success of BBTA by offering yourself in one of these 3 positions. Nominations can be made at any time leading up to the meeting or on the night of the meeting. Please feel free to contact Joe or David at secretary@bbta.org or publicity@bbta.org for further information.