awardsThe BBTA cycling achievement awards allow members to gain recognition for their cycling achievements in a non competitive yet official way. Awards are obtained by completing a specified number of BBTA achievement rides over specified distances in a single calendar year.

Members can participate by completing rides of varying distances (50/80/100/160/200km) within the following year and nominate for any of five levels of achievement by filling in a Club brevet form as you go along. Imperial century (that’s 100 miles or approx. 160 km) recipients receive an enamelled BBTA medallion at our end of year celebration in December.

Categories of Awards

Award Task You receive
Level 1 100km + 50km Certificate
Level 2 160km + 100km + 50km Certificate
Level 3 200km + 160km + 100km Certificate
Level 4 200km + 160km + 100km + 80km Certificate
Imperial Half-Century 80km Certificate
Imperial Century 160km Medallion


BBTA achievement rides are graded in terms of distance only. There is no requirement that the rides be of a certain degree of difficulty or that they be completed in a limited time, other than that each must be completed in a single day.

A rider may be awarded only one achievement certificate in any one year, but the award of a certificate at a particular level does not preclude the award of a certificate at the same level to the same rider in a subsequent year.  An imperial century medallion may be awarded in addition to an achievement certificate. The award of a medallion does not preclude the award of a medallion to the same rider in a subsequent year.

What a rider must do:

A rider who seeks the award of a BBTA achievement certificate or a BBTA imperial century medallion must:

  • Obtain and manage a Brevet form
  • For each ride selected as a BBTA achievement ride:
    • Take the brevet form to the ride
    • Inform the ride leader before the ride starts that the rider intends to record the ride as a (personal) BBTA achievement ride
    • Ensure that the following information is recorded on the brevet form (a) the date, (b) the name of the BBTA achievement ride, and (c) the signature of the leader of that ride (or of another suitable person if the rider is the leader) certifying that the rider has completed the distance specified
  • Submit the completed brevet form (showing the combination of BBTA achievement rides for which an award is sought) to the Rides Coordinator before the close of business on the last day of November in the year of the award.